Tropical Rainforest in Appleberry

Amrit and I got a new sailboat named Loonetta. We are pretty much in love with it, it’s intuitive and you have a lot of options to modify it. Yesterday we went sailing with my modified purple Hippie boat called “Love Project”.

We sailed from Eden Naturist Estate to the South exploring the Fruit Islands. Amrit discovered a sim on the map called “Appleberry” and said, let’s go there.

He had asked Jade to come with us and take care of the boat so we can both leave it and explore the region while she safely sits in the boat and prevents its autoreturn. Pretty smart, this guy 🙂

The tropical rainforest at Appleberry is remarkably beautiful. We got out for a walk and discovered a fireplace.

Amrit grabbed a stick and tried to light a fire so our wet clothes would dry. He had some trouble in the beginning, but finally he made it!

We continued to explore the island and encountered some pretty dangerous animals.

I even saw an alligator in the water. After I had made sure that danger wasn’t enabled in this forest and that I’d be safe, I approached it. It turned towards me and…

I could have sworn that I saw my avatar disappearing for a second or two.

These two fellows were pretty peaceful. I handed them a banana, they started chewing and let me pass. Jade, who hadn’t seen us for a while and just heard the noises of the wild animals, began to worry.

We hurried back to Jade and I discovered a little love boat next to the “Love Project”. We sat down to recover from our adventures for a bit before we continued our journey.

OK, we didn’t sit. But that’s another topic. We enjoyed this place pretty much, and if you want to discover it too, just type “Appleberry” in your map search. The island was created by Andrek Lowell, who also created Chakryn Forest.

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